Our Trip to Germany


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Y6 in Cologne!



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Roscon de Reyes

Year 3 had a very tasty Spanish lesson last week. Mr Thomas baked them a lovely cake. Here Mr Thomas tells us about the cake….

This is a traditional bread/cake that is made in Spain and Mexico, and eaten on the 6th January – Epiphany. The King’s cake celebrates the coming of the kings to see the baby Jesus. Made from a dough, with added eggs and sugar, plus crystalised fruit, it usually has either a ceramic figure or money and a bean in it.
I did not put in a cermic figure (often of the Christ child) not the bean – I wanted to taste it first. Next time, perhaps!!. If you get the slice with the figure in it, then you will get a year’s good luck,. If you get the bean, you have to pay for the drinks or the party.

Did you enjoy it year 3? I did!




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European Day of Languages


Wow! How fantastic was today? Today we we’re celebrating European Day of Languages. Each class in school looked at a different country in Europe. Can you tell me anything you learnt?ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Y4 Spanish

Year 4 have been working hard in Spanish but having lots of fun at the same time!

They have been playing games to help them learn to count to 50. They played Snakes and Ladders and had to say the numbers in Spanish as they landed on them.

Can anybody remember the numbers they learnt?ImageImageImage

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Spanish Pen Pals

Year 6 have been very busy recently writing letters to new friends in Spain! Mr Thomas has managed to set up a link with a school in Spain. The school is situated in a place called Avila which is quite close to the capital Madrid and it is called Reina Fabiola de Belgica.

Year 6 sent them a Christmas card and some information about themselves. Just before Christmas they were lucky enough to receive replies to their letters.

I hope this is the start of a brand new friendship – and who knows perhaps sometime in the future we will be able to organise a trip to Spain to visit our new penpals!

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German Celebration Day

Here are some more photos to show how we all at Cronton celebrated our Germany day.

Look at our fantastic cake!

Enjoy xx

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